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Join Us! The Next Level

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

the future ... we know the way! or one way, at least ;)

In case you missed the memo: As of January 2012 our little bubble of quality music finally slips into the commercial swamp that is Wyndham Street … but the force & family behind Yumla is still very much alive, with some ambitious plans for the HK club music scene.

if you care anything about enjoying quality underground clubbing, properly tuned sound systems, techno, house, d&b and breaks, partying past sunrise, hooking up with good people (and a decent drink service to boot) i.e: tunes.booze.people … you really want to sign yourself up to our new SMS mailing list right now:

to join the future:

Send a blank e-mail to with SUBJECT: +852-YOUR-MOBILE … obviously replacing the words ‘your-mobile’ with your actual Hong Kong mobile number.

Privacy Statement: At most, there will be 2~3 text messages per month, only sent from projects directly related to Yumla (our events, venue information, parties, promotions, ticket receipts, etc). Your name, e-mail & mobile number will not be made available to any other company or group.

International mobile numbers are also welcome but we cannot guarantee every country can receive free incoming messages. Your choice. Only messages sent to HK phones are guaranteed free.

Lastly, even if you know one of the Yumla management or DJ crew personally, you must add yourself to our mailing list. We will not randomly add everyone in our contact list.

See you on the other side!

End Of An Era

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Public Release:
1st December 2011

Bad news. Bar Yumla is closing down.

Our last day in that venue is Sunday 1st January 2012.

Do you really need to ask why?! Our property was recently sold to a new owner and the new landlord (our third landlord in 9 years) jacked up the rent by almost double.

The kind of numbers on offer give us no room to renovate, improve or manoeuver Yumla into the next couple years … so basically we are giving up the space. Many good venues in HK are shutting down as I write this … there must eventually be an adjustment. As for us? We began on the fringe, now we are smack in the middle, and the middle is not somewhere a place like Yumla can easily exist!

Myself, Patricia and the many DJs & producers behind Yumla have continuing plans & ideas for the future of underground clubbing in Hong Kong – plans which simply won’t fit in our existing venue. And so with no regrets now is the right time to give up our lease. The scenery in Hong Kong has changed much since 2003, and we have our sights set on something better.

The last 8+ years have been awesome! The sheer volume of collective memory attached to our little underground home is far too great to comprehend: People became couples, couples got married, kids have been born, friendships made between people from all over the planet – all brought together in our little bar because of a shared loved for underground club music. Innumerable parties have been had, numerous DJ careers started … Yumla undeniably spread the word.

There are only five weeks remaining in which to say farewell to the old gaff, so party like a pro as our ever-fantastic resident DJs do the honors. Our last event falls – quite fittingly – on New Year’s Eve.

End of an era? Definitely.

End of Yumla? Definitely not.

~ Dan F

2011 Update

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Wow … seriously!? Half a year?! Perhaps the website is due for a quick update!

We get many e-mails asking what’s happened to our online scheduling – which had been updated religiously every month since 2003…

Well, straight answer: Our music policy hasn’t changed in years – and because ALL of our resident & new DJs are supremely talented (they kick ass) – there will always consistently be gloriously great club music filling our cosy basement between 10PM-5AM every Friday & Saturday night.

Without fail.

And despite an obvious dilution of the club, venue & party scene in recent times – Yumla quite happily prevails. It’s almost embarrassing. Our unflinching & clear music policy, ever-present *cough* built-in p.a. system, indoor / outdoor park location, decent quality drinks and 24 hour liquor license … is still a unique combination in this city.

So! If you are missing out on the stream of info & dialog once offered by this website, your best recourse is to LIKE our FaceBook page. For all intents & purposes FaceBook has focused a large percentage of internet discussion into one place – just deal with it.

Click the link below for continued enlightenment & enjoy the rest of 2011!

club of the year 2010

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Big thanks to Time Out magazine for the award, and thanks to all of you lot for supporting us in what has most certainly been the toughest year of our existence. Hope to see you all during Xmas & NYE, and we’ve got some great surprises lined up for the start of 2011!

mima rockit festival, this saturday night $488 tix

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Quick special deal which came our way: Yumla customers can enjoy a HK$100 discount on concert & ferry ticket combo for this Saturday night’s Mima Rockit Festival:

Featuring James Lavelle’s new UNKLE live line-up, a rare chance to see GARY NUMAN in the flesh plus live electronica from DJ DARREN EMERSON.

Saturday August 7th at the Venetian Macao. The tickets on sale at Yumla are only $488 (RRP is $588) and this still includes flexitime round-trip ferry tickets to Macao.

If interested, ask any of our staff during regular opening hours. For more info, click the flyer.

frankie lam & basil tam “deranged”

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

… out this wednesday! Click here visit our page on Beatport.

yumla records

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

More astute viewers to the web site probably already noticed the little red badge in the top left corner, linking off to our new yumla records page… if you missed it – now’s your chance to check it out. Genre free, full fat!

Over the coming months we shall be showcasing electronic music and DJ-centric tools, produced locally in Hong Kong by DJs and producers all of whom have some connection with Yumla.

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player

The first half dozen releases are well underway, and the plan is release about 3 to 4 songs per month until everyone runs out of energy; artists already include Markus Homm, Dan F, Frederik, Basil Tam, Frankie Lam, newcomers Casey Anderson and Bebe Rebozo. The video below is for one of our forthcoming releases; this one drops mid-August.

yumla knows:philipp jung

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

50% m.a.n.d.y. 200% rocking

post party update: blimey… basil, wendy and of course our guest completely nailed it. great tunes from 10PM until well past 7AM, and some ridiculously happy people.

tuesday 15th june – the eve of Hong Kong’s famous Dragon Boat Festival – Yumla is extremely proud to be hosting a set from none other than Get Physical head honcho & illustrious producer a la M.A.N.D.Y.: Philipp Jung!

For those of you living under a rock since 2003: Get Physical is the label to define the last decade in house music, and there are no signs of the label slowing up in the decade to come. Home to artists like Booka Shade, DJ T, Chelonius R Jones, Lopazz, Elektrochemie, Samim and dozens of others – their release catalogue reads like a who’s who of The Bloody Awesome and the GP sound has dominated underground club music in all corners of the globe.

Supported by Yumla’s very own Wendy Wenn and Basil Tam – who in their own right are DJs not to be trifled with – miss this event at your peril.

Click the flyer for full info or look out for our FaceBook event page.

yumla*alt & love da records

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

got nothing to do after paddling a dragon-boat around all day?

the love da records crew are at it again … importers of fine tunage that they are (last month’s ninja tune and march’s k7! showcase nights were off the hook) they are back with a bagful of moshi moshi plus lots of promo goodies to support the release of the drums stunning new lp.

as if you don’t know: moshi moshi are responsible for bring bands like Architecture in Helsinki, Friendly Fires, Au Revoir Simone, Bloc Party, Casiokids, Florence And The Machine, Hot Chip, The Rakes, Metronomy  and a boatload more to market. Expect to hear that lot next wednesday 16th june 2010 by love da DJ Yuen Chi Chung & special guests.

And as with all yumla*alt events (i.e: every wednesday) there are $30 chilli vodka shots ($300 per dozen), $40 standard drinks and $50 pints to keep things bouncing along nicely.

I’d suggest taking the day off work, considering it’s a moshi moshi 16th and a get physical 15th. busy june!

the private lives… tomorrow night

Friday, April 23rd, 2010
tuning in

tuning in

another large night looming this Saturday … more music than you can shake a stick at.

$100 +1 drink on the door, free re-entry all night, can’t fail!